Community Guidelines

Mapsy strives to provide a safe and friendly environment for all of its users. To help us achieve this, please immediately report any users not following community guidelines using the report feature on another users profile. Mapsy will be quick to ban users that create unsafe or uncomfortable environments both on and off of our platform. Users can also block any profiles from seeing or contacting them using the block feature. Mapsy reserves the right to ban any users who we believe are violating our community guidelines or terms of service in any way. 

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated on our app. Efforts to stalk, threaten, bully, or intimidate any users is strictly prohibited by Mapsy.

Sexual Misconduct is not allowed in any way on Mapsy. Efforts to solicit sex, sell nude pictures, upload nude pictures, or encourage other users to engage in sexual behavior is strictly prohibited by Mapsy. Sending messages with unwanted sexual advancement will result in being banned from our platform. Prostitution and trafficing is highly against our policy, and will result in a ban and a likely report to authorities. Users must be 13 or older to use Mapsy.

Illegal Activity or the discussion of illegal activity of any kind is not allowed on Mapsy. Selling drugs, planning illegal acts, threats or violent intentions, and terrorism will all result in immediete bans and possibly will result in us contacting authorities. Mapsy follows all local and federal laws, and all users must agree to follow all laws by signing up for our service. Content that talks about suicide or self harm is also strictly prohibited. 

Illegitimate Checkins are not strictly prohibited. Our team is constantly making sure people are checking in with accurate data, and if we find that you are checking in to events without being in range of them your account will be immediately banned. 

Spam is not allowed on Mapsy. Users must be real people, and we will ban anyone who is catfishing or using untruthful accounts. Impersonation is strictly prohibited. You may only make accounts that are representative of your own personhood. Sending spam messages that involve unnecessary promotion of a business, political promotion, or event promotion is frowned upon, and may result in a ban if deemed as spam. Users may not use bots or any type of automated services to participate in Mapsy. 

Hate Speech of any kind is strictly prohibited. Content that promotes bigotry, hatred, racism, violence, or sexism will be flagged and the accounts will be banned. Mapsy is a space for all types of people and will not tolerate hate speech.

Third Party Apps are prohibited by Mapsy, and the use of any third party apps may result in your account being banned.

Copyright and Trademark Infringement is prohibited. If your profile includes content that is copyrighted or trademarked by someone else, we will ban your account.